An understandable guide to Marriage Licences and Certificates in Ontario


One of the most important things that you, the couple, need to do when you are getting married is to get your Marriage LICENCE. Once you have set the date for your wedding, you need to look at your calendar, and within the 90 days before your big day, you and/or your partner will need to go and get a Marriage Licence.

Please note that it is the sole responsibility of you as a couple to acquire your Marriage Licence. You can check the website for the city that you live in, to find the location. Generally in smaller cities, you would go to City Hall. In larger cities, like Toronto there are four locations where there are Registry Offices. Currently in the city of Toronto, the fee is $140.00 (no tax)*

You are responsible for this document until you hand it over to your wedding Officiant on the day of your wedding. Be sure to bring all three pages which includes your instruction sheet, the page with your personal information and the final page with your Record of Solemnization at the bottom.

It is very important for you to realize that if this license is not at your wedding, you are not getting married until you can produce it. Plain and simple.

Directly after your ceremony is over, you will be handed a Record of Solemnization. This is a small piece of paper which will act as legal proof of marriage until you are able to request your marriage certificate. Think of your Record of Solemnization as a receipt of your marriage!

The Officiant will take the second page of your license with all of your personal information on it, and send that to the government. This process can take between 10-12 weeks, so be patient. You will not be informed when this information has been processed, you will simply need to wait out the time.


Three months have passed, and it's now time for you to apply for your Marriage Certificate! This is a document that is used for proof of marriage in legal matters, such as passport applications, and immigration purposes.

You can request this online for either $15 (short) or $22 (long)*

Information provided by the province regarding Ontario Marriage Licenses are available here:

*Disclaimer: At the time of this blog publishing, the fee amount and locations are current. Although this information is provided to you through this blog, please check the website for your city to obtain current information and fees. This is public information, and not legal advice.