A piece of my story...


Photography credit: Black Umbrella Photography

As I think back on all the opportunities I have been fortunate enough to have, I am grateful to have landed in a place where I feel passionately about what I do. Ballerina, Teacher, Camp Counselor, Interior Designer, Theatre Props/Set Designer, Travel Agent… and finally Wedding Planner.

Growing up, my parents really encouraged me to follow my heart. #millennialgoals, am I right?


Fast forward to my life in Toronto.

I have been involved in the wedding industry for some time, working in and around businesses that are involved with events, weddings, and wedding planning.

I have been volunteering at The Brides’ Project in Toronto for a remarkable and life-changing 4 ½ years. Helping Brides pick out their wedding dress, from many previously loved and donated dresses. You can find more information about The Brides Project here: http://thebridesproject.com/

I don’t like to do things traditionally. I like to break the rules sometimes. So when I bought my wedding dress from The Brides’ Project 2 years before I was engaged, my then-boyfriend, now-husband hardly blinked an eye. “If you love it and want to get married in that dress, then you should get it.”

Fine print: Your SO may not react the same way… this isn’t necessarily something I encourage.


I found the love of my life in the most unexpected place, in the most unexpected way. Every day, Mike encourages me to follow my dreams, gives me strength to go out on a limb and try something new. I am so fortunate to have Mike support me in everything that I do, including Open Sky Weddings.  


And, here I am.  Open Sky Weddings. Specializing in intimate weddings that share who you are as a couple.